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Hi, my name is Reut, and I am an Israeli artist living in Boston MA.


A life journey full of extermination with art along with personal challenges, have led me to
invent a new art technique that I later named as “Wallage”.


“Wallage” is the art of using numerous small cuts of washi tapes and washi papers - traditional
japanese paper, collaging them together into a single magnificent image with which one can enjoy
both the details and the whole image at the same time.


It all came to me with an early childhood memory.  As a 5 years old, I was always collecting flower Petals,
later combining them into an outline, a figure and a piece of art.
Feeling that these petals are waiting to be combined together for a greater piece of nature, of art.


And nowadays, when working on each “wallage”, I feel like I'm patching together fragments of
my own memories, feelings and soul.


The Objects that I am working on reflect my great inspiration from nature and my yearning to Israel
my homeland. When me and my family moved to Boston, many cultural influences found their
way to my work. and now my work is a cultural mixther, Alongside using traditional Japanese papers,
and Asian ornamentation, I love to usec powerful hebrew words that have great presence in my life,
and that reflects my Israeli and jewish background.


Making “Wallage” available for purchase by the public, is my way to share love and appreciation to the
world we live in. I hope you will enjoy it.