Wallage is an innovative art technique of collaging a variety of Japanese paper tape pieces in order to form a greater holistic Image. The positioning of different images, colors, patterns, and shapes evokes special perceptive relations and interactions within the pieces and the holistic figure. The viewer, who perceives the whole and its parts simultaneously, alternating between zoom ins and zoom outs, is primed by the parts while grasping the whole figure and gets a deep sense of the universal creation.

Reut Akerman is a contemporary Israeli artist based in Boston Massachusetts. Across the last two decades, Reut was looking for a suitable art technique that will allow communicating her high sensitive perception of nature details and the cosmic way they interact to comprise a greater form. In Her journey, she experimented with a large span of arts, from oil painting, filming, animation, art decoration for movie sets, puppeteering, and many more arts which evolved to the quest of finding a bridge between her inner world and her audience.

         In a personal turning point, she came across an old memory of hers, as a five years old, playing with flower petals and pieces of nature in order to make art. At that same moment that this memory brought up to her mind, she was standing at her small studio staring at a pile of washi-tapes, the Japanese decorative paper tapes that held various natural patterns printed on them. At that same moment, in a natural way, Reut chose to mimic this archetypic way of making art but this time with washi tapes in various colors, patterns, and images, cutting, curving, wrinkling, and gluing them in trails for making art.  The exploration took almost 3 years and many prototypes and pieces of art. The result is Wallage - Washi Tape Art Collage.

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