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Bringing a new piece of art at home is not only instantly redefining your space, it is also the last touch in the art-making itself. I chose to transfer my art into a removable fabric decal not only because of its great qualities of texture, depth, and appearance that complete my art, but most of all due to its flexibility and endless ways for applying it, which makes the last step of the art-making to be at your hands.


Wallage art decals are frameless so that the figure is cut by its original outline. It is removable, and repositionable, made of 100% polyester fabric adhesive material. You can apply it on walls, doors, and any dry and smooth surface. It provides the freedom of space redefinition with a light touch. You always can apply, remove and reapply for several times, and without causing damage to the surface. 


After months of working on one original piece, my greatest satisfaction is to see how Wallage art decals are being chosen to define various spaces in people's lives. 

Some looked for a personal touch and applied the above their bed. Others chose to sue a few wallage in a studio apartment, to distinguish between the dining area and office area. And there were ones that bought wallage as a gift for their daughter’s dormitory room to leave a simbol of their love and connection compensating the distance.

 Wallage decals are made of weave-fabric materials with an adhesive backing, making them Removable and able to easily peel&stick. Both decal and the Ink are eco-friendly.