The Majestic peacock - A Removable, Peel & Stick Wall Art By Wallage,
Based on a Handmade collage of various iconic, colorful Japanese paper tapes.

Optional Dimensions:
- 15.6" W x 23.6" H
- 19.5" W x 29.5" H

- The decal is cut by the figure outline.

- It is made of a fine polyester weave fabric with eco-friendly ink.
- It can be applied, removed, and repositioned within seconds, peeled and stored for reuse.

- A unique dressing for walls, furniture, doors, and basically almost every flat surface, adding a unique character to your space.

* Wallage (stands for WashiTape collage), is a technique in which many different small pieces of Japanese papers are pieced together to form bigger figures. The Technique was invented by Reut Akerman in 2016, and can be furthered explored in

The Majestic Peacock